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Rules for the Forum

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1 Rules for the Forum on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:26 am


So say we all!
So say we all!
1. No discriminating. This means on Race, beliefs, gender, age, or intelligence.
2. No stupid inappropriate jokes. E.G. 9/11 jokes.
3. No spamming.
4. No double posting unless you really need a topic bumping.

Break rule 1, instant ban for a day, happens again a week, then forever.
Break rule 2, warning then ban for day then ban for week then forever.
Break rule 3, warning, second warning and so on.
Break Rule 4, continual warnings until we find you too annoying and ban you for an amount of time.

There will be an allowed cool down period of a week. This means if you break a rule, a week later it will be forgotten about, unless you break another rule in the mean time.

P.S. dependent upon the nature of the rule broken and the way you do it (eg. extreme racism or theats of death(not in a jokey fashion) etc.) you may get an immediate ban forever.

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